[squeak-dev] Re: What is Squeak (was Re: package universes, sake/packages, (first time) user experiences, etc.)

Tim Johnson tjohnson at iwu.edu
Mon Dec 8 15:07:18 UTC 2008

On Dec 6, 2008, at 8:12 AM, Igor Stasenko wrote:

> Hmm, i see nothing fun when i loading random package from squeak map
> have a 50% chance (or less) of successfull load.
> And even if it loads, it could be half-working and may lead to
> DNU/crash each time i using this package.
> Maybe i too dumb , because i can't see how such situation can be
> called wonderfull world for "children's, teachers, researchers and web
> developers".

There was a professor at the University here who had the two Mark  
Guzdial Squeak books on her shelf when I went to work on her computer,  
roughly two years ago.  I struck up a conversation about Squeak.  I  
knew already that she didn't teach Squeak in any courses here.  She  
said Squeak was very neat, but "very buggy."  She found it hard to get  
anything done because she "kept running into bugs."  She sounded as if  
she considered it something of a shame.

- TimJ

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