[squeak-dev] SqueakMap Package Loader

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Tue Dec 9 21:56:47 UTC 2008


Tim Johnson wrote:
> Hi,
> What efforts are being made to put a polished end-user experience on top 
> of Installer scripts and Mantis bug-report trawling?

Do not know any, but others probably know more. :)

 > Or are these tasks
> not considered something that an end-user would need to perform...?  (Or 
> do we need to get into a semantic argument over what is an end-user [and 
> what is polished] :) )

I hardly think anyone feels a nice UI to be a bad thing. :)

> What are the chances that SqueakMap Package Loader, with its 
> well-understood and efficient interface, could be extended for use as a 
> front-end to Sake/Packages*?  There is a common complaint that the 
> Package Universe Browser is not polished enough, but I think SqueakMap 
> Package Loader is generally accepted as nice.  This could be a great 
> option for end users wanting to install packages, yes?  As it has been 
> for years...

Well, it would be a logical path indeed. At least IMHO. The SM Package 
Loader was always meant to be "format agnostic" so it has no particular 
"ambitions" on its own. If someone steps up with time to spare I hardly 
think anyone would object to such a plan.

But at least I need to learn more about Sake/Packages before I can give 
any opinion about how things would work.

> Please forgive me if I am naively enflaming a Monticello / SqueakMap / 
> Sake / ChangeSet war.

I don't think there is any "war" going on between those. :) IMHO:
	- MC is great and is our preferred SCM tool.
	- SM is meant to be catalog which knows how to install stuff.
	- Sake is a new kid, but it seems to me to mainly be a tool for 
building images. I may be wrong.
	- ChangeSets are what "patches" are in the rest of the world. They have 
their place in FIXes etc. Although I wanted to replace them with a new 
smarter Delta beast, but that work is not finished.

regards, Göran

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