[squeak-dev] 3.11 deliverable no.1

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Dec 10 06:19:18 UTC 2008

Hello All,

The first result of the 3.11 effort is going to be an image that I have
called 3.10bc. Where bc stands for "Build Candidate".

The purpose of this image is to provide a base starting point for
everyone who would like to contribute to 3.11, and do image building
activities of any kind.

3.10bc is the first "fixed point", being essentially the stable 3.10
release, against which small projects can be carried out safely.

To if you were to test a bug fix, and I want to reproduce it, it will be
a case of taking 3.10bc and repeating your test.

3.10bc consists of, 3.10.2 + LevelPlayingField
(Monticello, PackageInfo, MonticelloConfigurations, Monticello-Files,
Installer-Launcher), and the latest of AtomicLoading, Universes,
SqueakMap, Sake/Packages, SUnit, and Tasks, together with some essential
fixes which support the above packages. Full details of the mantis bug
reports for those fixes are included in the image.

This "base" is generated and should be easily reproducible for any of
the images supported by LevelPlayingField. Some tools like SUnitGUI are
not backwardly compatible, BUT SUnit includes a non GUI TestReporter
which is.

Projects which can start based upon 3.10bc

A) Bug Harvesting

All the outstanding bugs on mantis can be assessed, in their respective

B) Image Tidying

C) Image wide adjustments renaming etc.


_ to := revisited. == to =  Transcript show -> self logCR:

D) Module Definition and Removal

Move classes into a category, make them into a monticello package, move
methods to become extension methods, and publish the package.

E) Validation of external packages, and getting more stuff to work

And  many more I am sure.

3.10bc+fixes, from A above, will be a continuously moving target, for
those intending to build on top of 3.11, so instead we provide a 3.11bc
this will be 3.10bc + tidying, reorg and removals. But Not Bug Fixes.
This is an image that may be used as a second fixed point if preferred. 

back to the day job for a few days for me I am afraid


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