[squeak-dev] Waiting for 3.11 artifacts.

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Thu Dec 11 08:43:36 UTC 2008


Jerome Peace wrote:
> To sum up.
> I hope you have found the outpouring of concern and offers of help in this thread a help.
> The post was aimed at the community, not at you or Matthew personally.
> I appreciate your abilities and spirit of service.
> I am patient enough to wait until a 3.11 image is ready.
> I am willing to get involved when one is available.

Let me just chime in and point out a few "obvious facts":

- We should all be grateful for *any* work being done for the community 
etc. It doesn't matter if it is about getting the damn server up or 
improving our tools or just finding a silly bug. Or writing a tutorial. 
All efforts are valuable. I think we all know this. :)

- The only thing I *expect* from a release team is that they:
-- Communicate with the community (up to the team leader to decide how)
-- Try to enable people to help out

I can never *expect* anyone to actually *produce* anything - because 
this is an open source project, we all do the best we can given our 
personal circumstances. Sometimes we have time, and sometimes we are 
choked. Some of us can, and some of us can't.

Now, note that I personally don't think the 3.11 team ever has been 
*officially* started! I haven't seen an announcement and I don't know 
who is the team leader. So given *that fact* I don't have any complaints 
yet regarding my two expectations noted above. :) Instead I am just 
grateful for all the work having been done. But IMHO it is HIGH TIME to 
get 3.11 in motion. Officially.

So... to move further, can someone distill this thread into howtos on 
the Squeak Swiki somewhere? That seems to be a good start.

An official announcement (from the board of course) of the 3.11 team 
including who is the team leader would also help. Including getting the 
team table on squeak.org updated.

regards, Göran

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