[squeak-dev] Re: Waiting for 3.11 artifacts.

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Thu Dec 11 08:52:56 UTC 2008

+1 on all of this. And Göran, are you up to offer a bit of help? Like 
organizing the Wiki pages? We should all help to scratch the itch we 
feel and that seems to be one that itches you most ;-)

   - Andreas

Göran Krampe wrote:
> Hi!
> Jerome Peace wrote:
>> To sum up.
>> I hope you have found the outpouring of concern and offers of help in 
>> this thread a help.
>> The post was aimed at the community, not at you or Matthew personally.
>> I appreciate your abilities and spirit of service.
>> I am patient enough to wait until a 3.11 image is ready.
>> I am willing to get involved when one is available.
> Let me just chime in and point out a few "obvious facts":
> - We should all be grateful for *any* work being done for the community 
> etc. It doesn't matter if it is about getting the damn server up or 
> improving our tools or just finding a silly bug. Or writing a tutorial. 
> All efforts are valuable. I think we all know this. :)
> - The only thing I *expect* from a release team is that they:
> -- Communicate with the community (up to the team leader to decide how)
> -- Try to enable people to help out
> I can never *expect* anyone to actually *produce* anything - because 
> this is an open source project, we all do the best we can given our 
> personal circumstances. Sometimes we have time, and sometimes we are 
> choked. Some of us can, and some of us can't.
> Now, note that I personally don't think the 3.11 team ever has been 
> *officially* started! I haven't seen an announcement and I don't know 
> who is the team leader. So given *that fact* I don't have any complaints 
> yet regarding my two expectations noted above. :) Instead I am just 
> grateful for all the work having been done. But IMHO it is HIGH TIME to 
> get 3.11 in motion. Officially.
> So... to move further, can someone distill this thread into howtos on 
> the Squeak Swiki somewhere? That seems to be a good start.
> An official announcement (from the board of course) of the 3.11 team 
> including who is the team leader would also help. Including getting the 
> team table on squeak.org updated.
> regards, Göran

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