[squeak-dev] re: the Teams page (was "Producing alpha images")

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Sat Dec 13 19:57:11 UTC 2008


      Andreas writes:

 > 3.11 has lost *all* visibility to me. I didn't know whether it had
 > even started because there was nothing on the server, there were no
 > announcements on this list, so how would people know?

      Göran responds:

 > IMHO this has more to do with our current board and its lack of...
 > communication.

      It's been quite a while since you've said anything to me on the 
#squeak channel on IRC, and I'm there most days. Given your current 
comments, this seems odd to me.

      While I can't always read all of squeak-dev every day, I do watch 
the meetings notes threads for responses. I haven't seen any for several 
cycles. I encourage everyone to let loose there. :)  I also look forward 
to when we have a tenable way for people to send meeting agenda item 
suggestions to us.

 > Sure, I just skimmed meeting notes posted...

      Indeed, the meeting notes are the primary way we communicate with 
the community. They exist because, currently, I seem to be the only one 
who can spare the time to write them. Even sparing that time is 
nontrivial, so if someone would like to volunteer to make them more 
prominent, please contact me. I encourage anyone who chooses to spend 
significant time complaining to consider spending at least some of that 
time being on the leadership team instead.

 > ...and AFAICT there was a motion back in july:
 > "Motion: Spoon will be basis of a R4 and 3.x will continue as planned
 > in 3.11 proposal as long as people want to maintain it. (Passed
 > unanimously) "
 > ...but I can't say that the community is very AWARE of this and what
 > it means. So either the team is to "blame" for not speaking up or the
 > board is to blame for not showing the official support.

      The 3.11 team has the full support of the leadership team. The 
leadership team's understanding is that the 3.11 team (like all teams) 
would take responsibility for their task and its visibility. The primary 
task of the leadership team is to delegate. Again, those who prefer a 
different mandate for the leadership team should run for election.

 > Let me also YET AGAIN point to the team table on squeak.org:
 >     http://www.squeak.org/Community/Teams/
 > ...
 > It seems I have pointed this out a THOUSAND times and nothing is
 > happening.

      The last time you said nothing was happening, I sat with you live 
on IRC and edited that table until you said you were satisfied with it. 
Apparently you misspoke, or I misunderstood you to be satisfied. 
Regardless, something did happen, and it is false to say that nothing 
happened. A few minutes ago I tried to login to edit that page, and the 
credentials I used before didn't work; I've asked Janko for new ones.

      If you are willing to point something out a thousand times, 
perhaps you might be willing to point it out nine hundred and 
ninety-nine times and then volunteer to do it yourself.

 > If the board totally ignores this table then for god sake -
 > delete it.

      Göran, you know full well that I am the person responsible for 
that table. Why you choose to get upset, let months go by while being 
upset, and then post heated tirades here rather than contact me directly 
about it at some point during those months is quite beyond me.



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