[squeak-dev] 3.11 Process A) Small Fixes

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 16 04:05:50 UTC 2008


A) Small fixes

1. Bugs are reported, discussed and fixes proposed on mantis.
2. When a fix is ready for harvesting a small installer script is
appended as a note to the bug report.
This script indicates exactly which files are required in order to fix
this issue.

example script:

"fix begin"
Installer mantis bug: 1234 fix: 'SomeFile.1.cs.gz'.  "(.gz support is
"fix end"

3. Bugs will be nominated by those providing the fix for inclusion in
the unstable build.
We are still working out the details as to how this will be carried out.
But it will be possible within Mantis.

3b. The build process tasks will need to be informed of any explicit
dependencies between fixes if there are any. As long as it knows about
them it will honour them.

4. The Unstable build will be automatically built (and tested) on a
periodic basis.

The fixes are loaded into changesets with the bug fix number prepended
to the changeset name.
Also the full mantis report is copied into the image for documentation
as to what has changed.

5. All packages effected by the most recently added fixes are written to
Monticello, in such a way as the history for any one Monticello package
makes it look like that package was incrementally fixed. In reality the
build process starts from scratch every time.

By doing it this way we successfully combine the sensible way of fixing
via changesets with the desired way of managing code in packages.


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