[squeak-dev] re: the Teams page

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Dec 17 12:58:16 UTC 2008


Craig Latta wrote:
>  > I am mainly referring to "official" communication, which means
>  > squeak-dev in my book.
>      Sure, I agree. What I mean is that, given how upset you seemed to 
> be about this, I'm surprised you didn't contact me directly to discuss 
> it, particularly since it's so easy to do. I simply can't pay as much 
> attention to squeak-dev as I do to direct contact; I'm sure I'm not 
> unusual in this regard.

I know that I have contacted you directly on IRC about it before. And 
even though my memory is awfully short it feels I have yapped about it 
on several occasions. I haven't felt that you (the board) have cared, 
and since the page was so totally out-of-date I still think you (the 
board) haven't cared - but on the other hand I now think you DO care.

>  > > I encourage anyone who chooses to spend significant time complaining
>  > > to consider spending at least some of that time being on the
>  > > leadership team instead.
>  >
>  > Hehe, well, I do think I am pulling my share in this community anyway
>  > and also do think we who are not on the board are allowed to
>  > "complain".
>      I don't mean to cast aspersions on your level of commitment (or 
> anyone's). I'm noting that you've spent a lot of energy on a particular 
> thing (no scare-quotes needed, complaining is perfectly valid thing to 
> do), and suggesting you could spend some of that energy more 
> constructively.

I have not spent "much energy" nor "significant time" on this. I do 
however think it was both worth it and the right thing to do. Feel free 
to say it was not and that it was not "constructive" - I disagree.

>      You write a lot of squeak-dev email, Göran, so much that I can't 
> help but think you actually do have time to serve on the leadership 
> team. :)

In fact, I don't write that much. I used to, but haven't in quite a 
while. Checking november archive shows you posted more than I did for 

 > I encourage you to run; I'm glad you've considered it and hope
> you will consider it again.

I kinda feel I have "been there, done that" etc. Given sparse time I try 
to spend it on concrete stuff instead.

[SNIP of reasoning about no need for an ANNOUNCEMENT of the next release 
>  > [the Teams table]
>      I suspect our most recent exchange about this is moot, given that 
> my August edits got swizzled in the server crashes, so I'll just wait to 
> hear what you think of the current restored and corrected version. And 
> reiterate that I care. There's no way I would put up with you if I 
> didn't care. ;)

Nice to see that you still don't claim it to be "fine".

Since you ask (and it is nice if we get this fully fresh), are the 
following three teams still "active"?

- ToolBuilder
- packages
- software engineering

...if their respective Team leaders say they are then I am all fine with 
them of course. I just suspect at least one or two of those three are 
pretty "dead".

But perhaps you (and Bert) have checked with Hans, Brian and Avi?

regards, Göran

PS. As per Eliot's requests (which I presume got triggered by me being a 
PITA about this) I personally conclude this thread was worth it.

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