[squeak-dev] Algernon + OB Package Browser

Ramon Leon ramon.leon at allresnet.com
Thu Dec 18 06:10:00 UTC 2008

>  Hi everybody!  can someone tell how can I tell Algernon to 
> use my default class browser (OB Package Browser)  ? It is 
> using system browser when I actually have OB Package Browser 
> as default.
> Is this OK ? should Algernon use my default class browser ? 
> Any help?
> thanks,
> Mariano

It doesn't bother looking at the default browser, it just launches the
system browser directly.

See the class Algertype, #openInExistingBrowser: or #openInNewBrowser: to
see why, but it looks like it'd need a bit of work to work with the OB
Browsers correctly which from a few minutes of trying, don't seem to be
quite compatible with the old browsers.  Maybe someone who knows OB better
could offer a quick solution.

It expects #open to return an instance of the browser which it passes to
three subclasses to react accordingly to class, category, and method
opening.  OB's #open doesn't seem to return the browser instance, nor do the
instances respond to the same messages Algern expects to use to set the
current class, category, or method.

Ramon Leon

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