[squeak-dev] Re: [ANN] ConflictFinder (help needed!)

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Fri Dec 19 04:02:40 UTC 2008

Tim Johnson wrote:
> This is awesome.  Totally needed.  Thanks.  I would like to help.  Where 
> should I submit reports?

Probably on a web page. Although I think we should work a little more on 
the process before this is truly useful. The things I would like to be 
done (and I won't get around to do this myself so I do need help here) 
in roughly this order are:

[ ] Find a good name for the integration testing project. I want a 
Squeaksource project for it but I can't for the hell think of a good 
name. Any ideas?

[ ] Following dependencies. Really Important (tm). I noticed yesterday 
that the alleged conflict in StringMorph>>minHeight between SmallDEVS 
and Polymorph really came from Connectors (a dependency of SmallDEVS). 
Anyone out there who knows how to get dependencies out of the package 

[ ] Providing the "right" answers automatically during the load via 
#valueSupplyingAnswers: for each package. Also Really Important (tm). 
What needs to be done here is that we need to load each package, record 
the questions and their answers and compile a list of those.

[ ] Run the tests for each package. Conflict finding is nice but we 
really should be running the tests after loading each package so that we 
can find other problems. This is simple - we can just run all tests in 
the system after loading each package, notice any newly failing tests 
and blame the latest load package.

[ ] Do a nice PASS/FAIL report for loading, conflicts and tests in HTML 
so that we can link to the individual problems. What I'm thinking here 
is just a plain html table with FAIL being an internal link that goes to 
the end of the page. This is pretty straightforward too.

   - Andreas

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