[squeak-dev] Re: [ANN] ConflictFinder (help needed!)

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Dec 19 04:40:58 UTC 2008

Andreas Raab wrote:
> Tim Johnson wrote:
>> This is awesome.  Totally needed.  Thanks.  I would like to help. 
>> Where should I submit reports?
> Probably on a web page. Although I think we should work a little more
> on the process before this is truly useful. The things I would like to
> be done (and I won't get around to do this myself so I do need help
> here) in roughly this order are:
> [ ] Find a good name for the integration testing project. I want a
> Squeaksource project for it but I can't for the hell think of a good
> name. Any ideas?
Bob the Tester?
> [ ] Following dependencies. Really Important (tm). I noticed yesterday
> that the alleged conflict in StringMorph>>minHeight between SmallDEVS
> and Polymorph really came from Connectors (a dependency of SmallDEVS).
> Anyone out there who knows how to get dependencies out of the package
> universe?
Load Sake/Packages, it has the Development universe definitions in

(PackagesDevU named: 'SomePackage') allPriorTasksInOrder.
(PackagesDevU named: 'SomePackage') withAllPriorTasks.
> [ ] Providing the "right" answers automatically during the load via
> #valueSupplyingAnswers: for each package. Also Really Important (tm).
> What needs to be done here is that we need to load each package,
> record the questions and their answers and compile a list of those.
Installer and Sake/Packages do this via: #answer:with:

By convention Sake/Packages is non interactive wherever possible, so
universe definitions should be overridden with additional #answer:with:
> [ ] Run the tests for each package. Conflict finding is nice but we
> really should be running the tests after loading each package so that
> we can find other problems. This is simple - we can just run all tests
> in the system after loading each package, notice any newly failing
> tests and blame the latest load package.
> [ ] Do a nice PASS/FAIL report for loading, conflicts and tests in
> HTML so that we can link to the individual 
TestReporter generates results to files that can be viewed over the web
served by apache, with appropriate pass/fail icons.
> problems. What I'm thinking here is just a plain html table with FAIL
> being an internal link that goes to the end of the page. This is
> pretty straightforward too.
> Cheers,
>   - Andreas

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