[squeak-dev] losing mouse clicks

Julian Fitzell jfitzell at gmail.com
Sun Dec 21 18:41:34 UTC 2008

On 08.05.2008, at 11:14, Adrian Lienhard wrote:

> Hi,
> From time to time it happens that the image gets into a weird state where click
> events are only honored after moving the mouse. For example, in the code
> browser you click on a method but nothing happens until you start moving the
> cursor. The problem does not seem to go away again.
> Has anybody else seen this problem? If yes, does a Mantis report exist that I
> have not found?

Gah, this has been biting me constantly in one image after another
over the past 6 weeks (never seen it until then). First It thought it
was a particular image, then it happened in another. So I thought it
was the Windows VM but then it happened with the Mac VM. So then I
figured it must be something MC2 was doing but now it just happened in
a Seaside image. And that was a Pharo image so it's not even specific
to the base image I'm using.

Did anybody ever figure out what the heck is causing this? It's
driving me nuts!!

I did spend a bit of time in one image trying to track it down and it
seemed like lots of mouse events were getting put into the
EventSensor's eventQueue but not being pulled out before
#flushNonKbdEvents was called (it's called often). Changing that
method to leave mouse clicks as well helped for a bit but mouse ups
weren't getting generated. I again hacked around that a bit but it
never worked very well and then it seemed to start getting worse



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