[squeak-dev] ConflictFinder update

Ralph Johnson johnson at cs.uiuc.edu
Thu Dec 25 11:16:16 UTC 2008

> Also, there is the question of how we want to go forward from here. For
> example, should we try to fix these issues in the current 3.10 universe, or
> should we work forward from here and start fresh with a 3.11 universe at
> which point we could start running these tests for example weekly and have
> feedback about many of the above issues much earlier in the process. We
> could then also make a much more well-informed decision about what the
> "stable 3.11 universe" really means (i.e., for example only provide packages
> that pass the integration tests).

If you advertise the problems in 3.10 then people will fix them.  In
the long run, the best way to make universe that is consistent ais to
start over and add packages one at a time.  But I think you can make
3.10 a lot better just by reporting problems.


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