CorruptVM slang (Was: Re: [squeak-dev] Anyone know the following about Slang?)

Peter William Lount peter at
Sat Jul 5 09:57:22 UTC 2008

Hi Igor,

Very nice work Igor.

What about special assembly language instructions for the various 
architectures? Such as test and set (for managing concurrency control)? 
How do you control the mapping to native code?

By lambda, do you mean to say that you're doing this at the level of 
block closures rather than only the level of methods? Block closures 
being more general purpose so that the entire method need not be a 
"primitive". Never liked primitive methods... always thought that blocks 
were the better place to hang primitives - as well as a host of other 
capabilities - from.

You mentioned you do byte code to native code conversion with Exupery. 
How does this work and how can one fine tune the generated code for the 
various architectures and calling conventions (for interfacing with ugly 
things like DLLs or Shared Libraries that static <as in frozen in time> 
system generate?

How much work would it take to put the squeak code base upon a hydra 
rewritten in the new improved slang+exupery?

How many architectures does exupery currently support?

What are your plans on sharing your "lambda" code improvements?

All the best,


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