[squeak-dev] histogram-based profiling tools on Mac OS X?

Eliot Miranda eliot.miranda at gmail.com
Sat Jul 12 01:16:24 UTC 2008

Hi All,
    I'm badly in need of a histogram-based profiler for the VM I'm working
on.  This is something that produces a histogram of time taken against PC,
insead of time taken against function.  The interpreter is a very large
function and so function-centric tools aren't (IME) that useful.  I've
written ones for BrouHaHa and VisualWorks and will write one again if
pushed.  But I wonder whether anyone knows of anything off-the-shelf or
close enough to be wroth using as a starting point.  For example, has anyone
written a graphing tool in Squeak using Morphic that I could steal for the
UI?  Yes I could start with gprof and/or gcov but I find graphical
histograms much more immediate and helpful.

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