[squeak-dev] Maintenance of remote references

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at seaswork.com
Fri Jul 18 17:09:37 UTC 2008

Hi there,

	Thing. I'm working in the RemoteObjects package that is a sort of RMI or
RPC but for real objects ;) Right now is working > x2 than rST in localhost. It
was designed in a P2P fashion and it allows to have N brokers even inside the
same image. 

	Purpose. Scaling Squeak today.

	Plan. Some of you helped with ideas and I plan to publish in squeak
source (MIT) when minimally stability is reached.

	Status. Remote inspectors just started to work and I need to start
thinking about making something for the maintenance of its cache.

	Problem. A broker can publish some objects but, as the communication get
used, remote references start to be holded by them. That’s fine until you think
in how to claim space without injecting troubles.

	Reference. As benchmarking I saw the rST way and I'm not satisfied with
its model. Some objects end up being missed with time. 

	Ideas. So I though about 1 making a kind of watchdog to maintain "alive"
the remote references renovating the expiration period every time a remote
message reach the object. Also I'm thinking in 2 the idea of the session. So
when session is expired a whole group of references is claimed.

	Hears. Anyway I'm in analisys phase for this problem so I want to hear
more ideas. So thinking loud is welcome.


Sebastian Sastre

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