[squeak-dev] Re: Release of Apache licensed Squeak?

Craig Latta craig at netjam.org
Sat Mar 1 09:18:42 UTC 2008

Hi Michael--

 > > With the initial Squeak release now available under a common
 > > open-source license, and agreements from most of our contributors,
 > > the most pressing task is to make a new release composed entirely of
 > > appropriately-licensed material.
 > How does one go about doing this?
 > Am I right in assuming that you'd just take out all the code from
 > contributors that did not sign the agreement?

      I think that's roughly the first step, yes. I imagine we'll want 
to do some refactoring and otherwise replace some of the removed code. 
Note that this filter should apply to all the source code included in 
the release via the system history (be it the traditional sources and 
changes files, or some other mechanism).

      In general, I advocate a kernel with only that needed to start and 
extend itself, with most code available for loading as needed. In 
practice, I expect some folks will make "distributions" with certain 
code already loaded, for convenience.



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