[squeak-dev] Election 2008: Answers from Yoshiki

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Sun Mar 2 19:08:56 UTC 2008

  Sorry, Germán, I missed this...

>     1. Approximately, how much time do you plan on spending on Squeak during the
>        coming year (in any kind of unit)?
>         I will be still spending some chunk of my time constantly on the
>         development of OLPC Etoys.  Also, for making prototypes of new UI
>         and end-user application, I'll be using Squeak (probably the OLPC
>         Etoys image).  In the longer term, though, VPRI trys to roll out
>         new system that are not based on Squeak.  I'll be working on these
>         projects.
> Same question Craig do to Tansel, how much time will you have to spend on Squeak
> independently of your work priorities?

  Partly because whatever I do with Squeak, that is related to the
work, an honest answer is "not much".  But I've been attending most of
board member meetings and participating discussions especially stuff
that involves Viewpoints.

-- Yoshiki

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