[squeak-dev] Summer(s) of Code 2007/2008

giovanni giovanni at corriga.net
Sun Mar 2 22:04:21 UTC 2008

Hi all,

in no more than two weeks, the 2008 edition of the Google Summer of Code will
start. It has been brought to my attention that I never sent a final report
for last year's edition, so here it is.

Last year we partecipated in the Summer of Code with five students: Damien
Cassou, Mathieu Suen, Jerome Chaveau, Ben Schroeder, and Oleg Korsak. You can
learn more about their projects by visiting the Summer of Squeak blog, at
http://blog.summer.squeak.org/ . All the five students completed their
projects, and were paid in full by Google. Of the five projects, only one
(the New Compiler project by Mathieu Suen) is still being worked on. Damien
has stopped working on Monticello 2, but Colin has remused the work on that,
even though he's not using Damien's code. I have no news about the other
three projects. Guys, would you mind sending a quick status report? 

For their effort, we received 2500 USD, which are currently in my current
account. My apologies for not having sent them to Esug yet, but the cheque
from Google arrived while I was moving to London, so after putting it into my
account, I kinda set it aside. I'll wire the money to the Esug treasurer

To sum up, here are the positives and negatives for last year's SoC:

- Five students got to be paid for their work, and we got paid for mentoring
them, too.
- We got lots of visibility

- None of the projects, except one, are still being worked on
- With the possible exception of the new compiler project, the SoC projects
did not have any impact on the main Squeak image.

This brings us to the other part of my message, which is the 2008 edition of
the Summer of Code. Unless the board decides otherwise, I'm willing to lead
the SoC team to apply and possibly partecipate in this year's SoC. In
comparison to last year's effort, I propose two changes:

- we apply as "Squeak Foundation" instead of simply "Squeak". This would
allow us to include other projects such as Seaside, Croquet etc more easily.
- we choose more "down to earth" projects that have a bigger possibility of
being included in the software we release (the main Squeak image, Seaside,
Croquet etc).

There are also some more modifications which I'll propose on the SoC mailing

As usual, comments and flames are welcome.



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