[squeak-dev] [Election 2008] Hunting down voters... please help me

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Sun Mar 2 21:10:18 UTC 2008

Hi all!

Ok, I have fixed a few "mishaps" with voters not receiving ballots
(perhaps spam filtering or whatever), voters having old emails on SqP,
incorrect syntax for email, voters having duplicate accounts on SqP etc

Now I have two lists left that I would appreciate some help with, first
some accounts that do not have an email:


I came up somewhat empty when checking my squeak-dev archive, if you can
get these guys to email me in private OR if you know their correct email
address - mail it to me. Otherwise they will not get a ballot.

Secondly, we got a report of bounces from Andrew at Cornell (thanks!):

  stregone at att.net
  squeak-people at forum-mail.net
  calmosoft at freemail.hu
  jan at impara.de
  andrew.catton at ubc.ca
  filip.stadnik at atlas.cz
  masaakim at tf7.so-net.ne.jp
  daltman at uol.com.ar
  squeak at vanrooijen.com
  a_chaoidh at hotmail.com
  edjason at britishlibrary.net
  jrsotty at frfee.fr
  jigme1968 at tom.com
  squeak at ajr.e4ward.com
  xradionut at mac.com
  chris.schreiner at online.no
  ted-peo at legenda.com
  Haruko.Mitake at jp.yokogawa.com

I fixed four myself (not listed above) but hope to get some help with
this list. Same here - if you can get them to email me in private OR if
you know their correct address - mail me.

regards, Göran

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