[squeak-dev] Re: Summer(s) of Code 2007/2008

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Wed Mar 5 00:40:33 UTC 2008

Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
> On Wed, 05 Mar 2008 00:38:37 +0100, Andreas Raab wrote:
>> Klaus D. Witzel wrote:
>>> I bet one (1.-) CHF that GTK support will not be included in the next 
>>> Squeak release, not counting 3.10, not talking about an optional 
>>> package.
>> Why does everyone seem so exclusively focused on doing something that 
>> ends up "in the next Squeak release"?
> Well, hum, I was the one who doubted that? ;-)

Well, not only. Giovanni explicitly stated that as a "negative 
observation" and I really fail to see what is negative about it. More 
like practical reality given that we're talking about students who are 
(hopefully) doing this to learn something. If it's got a useful outcome 
that's great but the baseline assumption should be that it *won't* end 
up in a Squeak release.

>> I certainly don't see the HydraTools ever getting into a Squeakrelease 
>> but that doesn't make them any less useful for Squeak.
> That's my point. Moreover, an applicant asked for help with Squeak+SoC 
> and all that I could respond until now was, that people in the Squeak 
> community want SoC results in the Squeak release and so: better go away 
> with your non-Squeak release related project.

I see. In this case we absolutely agree ;-)

   - Andreas

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