[squeak-dev] Alternatives to inform:

Colin Putney cputney at wiresong.ca
Wed Mar 5 03:16:15 UTC 2008

On 4-Mar-08, at 12:46 PM, stephane ducasse wrote:

> My goal is to have a version of squeak (let's call it sapphire) that  
> does not pop up windows all the time anywhere (especially annoying  
> if we want to have a
> server or headless system).
> So I plan to have a look at all the inform: and other in the  
> packages of sapphire and I would like to have a way to
> provide feedback via an UI elements or not. I thought that I should  
> look at toothpick.

Aha. Then I definitely recommend Notifications. Take a look at  
subclasses of OBInteractionRequest. OmniBrowser uses them everywhere  
it needs to initiate interaction with the user - basically for opening  
a menu or window. As a result, the same core code can work unchanged  
with Morphic, a web UI via HTTP and a fake UI that's used for testing.

Cleaning up direct use of Morphic in Squeak is a worthy goal - please  
share the code with us. I can certainly use it even if it doesn't go  
into the main distribution. Here's a fix to Parser to get you started.


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