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David Zmick dz0004455 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 6 02:13:34 UTC 2008

So, do I need to do something different if I want to add this function to
ALL "text holders" in squeak.  Is there a place were I could one morph, and
get it to change all of them?  I would like to be able to also use this in a
workspace, debugger, etc..

On Wed, Mar 5, 2008 at 8:09 PM, Colin Putney <cputney at wiresong.ca> wrote:

> On 5-Mar-08, at 3:42 PM, David Zmick wrote:
> > Ok, I have played around a little more, and I found a method
> > OBTextPanel>>yellowButtonMenu, where I was able to get the "button"
> > in the right place, but I can't figure out the correct action for
> > it :(.  I am not sure if we are thinking of the same thing,  If you
> > need any clarification of my problem, I would be more than happy to
> > explain it to you better :)
> Hi David,
> Damien is right - you'll be much better off writing a command than
> messing with #yellowButtonMenu. #yellowButtonMenu is just a hack to
> tap into the existing implementations of cut, paste, find etc, and
> avoid rewriting all that as commands. If you're creating something
> new, subclassing OBCommand is a much better way to go.
> Colin

David Zmick
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