[squeak-dev] Re: Summer(s) of Code 2007/2008

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Fri Mar 7 01:32:37 UTC 2008

Colin Putney ha scritto:
> On Mar 2, 2008, at 11:04 PM, giovanni wrote:
>>  Damien
>> has stopped working on Monticello 2, but Colin has remused the work on 
>> that,
>> even though he's not using Damien's code.
> On 5-Mar-08, at 1:30 AM, stephane ducasse replied:
>> Now for damien I mentored damien in the hope that colin would join and 
>> take the lead with the goal to
>> really get an impact and improve MC2.
> Just to set the record straight, I am using quite a bit of Damien's 
> code, just not all of it.
> When I resumed work on MC2, I had a new idea for how to organized the 
> interface and present things to the user. Damien's work went in a 
> different direction, so merged in as much of his stuff as I could, and 
> set aside the parts that were incompatible with my own direction.
> I think Damien did a fine job, and made a significant contribution to 
> the project.

Good! My apologies for getting this wrong.


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