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Bill Schwab BSchwab at anest.ufl.edu
Fri Mar 7 23:00:18 UTC 2008

As others stated earlier, Pinesoft is giving us some great options, at
least within the single Squeak window.  For deployment, you might be
better off with one layout morph in the main window, and then periodic
modal "dialogs" (system windows with appropriately modal loop) to keep
the user out of trouble.  Relying on SystemWindow for end users
effectively creates an MDI interface, which is often not what one

At the risk of getting an over-use injury from beating the dead horse,
the real problems are with feel; the look of Squeak was improving even
before Pinesoft announced their work.  Please think about it, and I
suspect you will agree that the reason you think users would take to a
VW based app is not how it looks, but how it feels/works.  However
unimaginative they might be, the conventions that exist (and have become
hard-wired into our expectations) were derived from usability labs
populated with "average" people.  Watch Joe Accountant try to do some
work and see were he stumbles.  Hmmm, he expects that when he releases
the mouse button, the item will be selected, and he wants the keyboard
input to go there even after he pushed the mouse cursor out of the way. 
FWIW, it appears the MS did a lot of this work back in the days when
they actually listened to customers.  I mention the drop-down selection
mainly because MS has started screwing that up in recent years :)

Look at it another way: if users cared what something looks like, why
did XP sell so well - talk about UGLY...


"Diogenes Moreira" <diogenes.moreira at ...> diogenes.moreira at ... wrote:

Yes off course, but, the people out of squeak community don't see with
good eyes a platform whom don't have tools to make "Common
Applications"( For me a Morphic Application is good, but the common user
have requirements like "I wanna my name in the titlebar" )

I'm fully agree with you, and don't see any reason to pay to Cincom,
but the Facts are the Fact, and the common people yet choise VW becouse 
the application's look & feel are more "Common".

Please, don't get me wrong, I'm very happy with Squeak.....and I'm
wrote this mail because I hope It be useful


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