[squeak-dev] Release Team Meeting 3

Matthew Fulmer tapplek at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 05:17:43 UTC 2008

It's about time to have another release team meeting. A lot of
issues are left over from last meeting.

When should it be?
Edgar and Craig are the people who most need to meet, I would
say, so that we can assess the state of 3.10 and discuss plans
for Squeak 4 and exactly how to go about the relicense. It would
also be good if Pavel could come.

As I really want Craig to come, that pretty much limits the day
to next Monday, 17 March, between 18:00 and 03:00 UTC. Edgar,
Pavel, when can you come?

I can't meet between 19:30 and 23:00 UTC, but I don't need to
attend if someone else can act as notetaker/facilitator. 

I've collected the unresolved issues from last meeting and a few
other things I think are worth discussing at

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