[squeak-dev] I'm stepping down as WebTeam Leader Mars 31

Brian T. Rice water at tunes.org
Fri Mar 14 00:48:29 UTC 2008

On Mar 13, 2008, at 5:23 PM, Janko Mivšek wrote:

> Hi Squeakers,
> I'd like to announce that I'm seriously thinking about helping Squeak
> community with stepping up as a WebTeam team leader.
> Let me introduce myself a bit: I already have an experience building  
> up
> and maintaining content on Aida/Web site and I also got some  
> experience
> how to do promotion and how to do a Search Engine Optimizations (SEO).

While SEO experience is an important skill for website management, I  
think you are too partisan in your marketing for Aida and against  
Seaside to be a serious candidate. I've done some basic effective SEO  
tasks, and the Squeak website itself could certainly be improved in  
that way, I fear that your solutions will inherently involve your  
favorite hammer rather than working within Seaside (aka "what we  
have") the ways it provides.

> That experience can help to improve a bit otherwise already very rich
> Squeak website. Other possibility for improvement is to upgrade
> technology behind website and here I can again contribute with
> Aida/Scribo CMS, which is a base for Aida's website and is currently  
> in
> intense development, just adding blog support. That way a Squeak  
> website
> will also be a show point of most advanced technology Squeakers have.
> Which is good in my opinion for Squeak and Smalltalk promotion in  
> general.

Aida/Scribe CMS is the "most advanced technology Squeakers have"?  
While it's probably quite good, I think you're revealing your self- 

I don't want to debate which framework or approach to web development  
is better (and neither do you, apparently, having made your choice and  
vocalizing it constantly), but Squeak does have a CMS and it seems to  
serve us as a community well enough to keep improving it. Seaside also  
provides us with some very innovative approaches to web applications  
development that it alone is good PR for the community.

> To conclude, I can contribute with maintaining content on one side but
> also to upgrade the website technology to Aida/Scribo CMS, so that a
> website will be modern, with fresh and relevant content and with all
> things such site needs to have those days.

I spend a lot of time with non-Smalltalkers who do web development,  
and myself am currently working on web applications in a non-Smalltalk  
(yet palatable) environment, so my bias is towards the perspective of  
outsiders who are looking for open accessible information and  
exposition of the Squeak community and its artifacts. I would offer my  
candidacy as an alternative to your proposed deal in which you link  
your volunteerism to lead with an "upgrade" of the site to the  
application framework you author and self-promote.

I think the main "upgrade" we do need is for the Squeak Swiki, which  
is many years old and doesn't help us with SEO at all, as I have  
repeatedly found out while trying to google some solution for new  
Squeakers. Aida could possibly help with that, but so could many other  
choices. In any case, the answer is more about content and making  
Squeak and Squeak information findable than any technology.

> Ken Causey wrote:
>> While I'm sure Karl welcomes your thanks it seems like maybe you and
>> some others have missed the point.  Karl is not fishing for comments.
>> In the recent past he has repeatedly announced that he wishes to step
>> down from leading the website team and would like to find a  
>> replacement.
>> He has not gotten any replies.  He is now stating that he really is
>> leaving with a specific deadline (the end of this month) and it is  
>> now
>> really time for someone to step up and lead the website team for the
>> immediate future at the very least.
>> Ken
>> On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 19:29 -0300, Germán Arduino wrote:
>>> I also wants to thank you. The site is updated, interesting,  
>>> complete and cool.
>>> Thanks you.
>>> 2008/3/13, Ron Teitelbaum <Ron at usmedrec.com>:
>>>> Yes indeed thank you very much for your terrific service to the  
>>>> community!
>>>> Ron Teitelbaum
>>>> > Le 13/03/08, karl <karl.ramberg at comhem.se> écrivait :
>>>> >
>>>> > >I've been Webteam leader on the Squeak website for quite a few
>>>> > years,
>>>> > >and have now totally lost time to keep that work, so  Mars 31  
>>>> I will
>>>> > >step down. It's been a fun and interesting experience to  
>>>> maintain the
>>>> > >website, ftp and mailing list.
>>>> > >
>>>> > >I recommend that people interested in Squeaks web appearence  
>>>> join
>>>> > the
>>>> > >webteam and maybe lead the site into new and exiting areas.
>>>> > >
>>>> > >
>>>> > >Karl
>>>> >
>>>> > You did a very good job thank you very much for your time
> -- 
> Janko Mivšek
> AIDA/Web
> Smalltalk Web Application Server
> http://www.aidaweb.si


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