[squeak-dev] Re: +1 for the Web tool debate [was: We need new Web Team leader (Was: I'm stepping down as WebTeam Leader Mars 31)]

cdrick cdrick65 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 14 09:22:38 UTC 2008

>  >>  > I'd negotiate with the CMSBox people for getting a copy of their
>  >> Squeak
>  >>  > app and a migration plan, in service for the Squeak community.
>  >>
>  >>  +1. Good looking, production quality, professional support, done in
>  >>  Seaside - what's not to like? ;-)
>  >>
>  >>  Also (gazing in my chrystal ball here) I could well imagine trying to
>  >>  raise some money for letting CMSBox' designer have a go at a "more
>  >>  professional" presentation of the main Squeak site. What do other
>  >> people
>  >>  think?

That would be nice too... but will the code be available ?
I think open code is necessary, no ?

> [no offense]
>  - the press room is o-u-t-d-a-t-e-d
>  - the screenshots are o-u-t-d-a-t-e-d (UI enhancements?)
>  - new initiatives are m-i-s-s-i-n-g
>   (example http://www.google.com/search?q=hydra+site:www.squeak.org)
>   (http://www.google.com/search?q=summer+of+code+site:www.squeak.org)
>  - http://www.squeak.org/Download/ is w-a-y t-o-o l-a-r-g-e
>  - layout+design (esp. colors) could use some f-r-e-s-h ideas
>  These are no pressing issues, I always thought they will be addressed
>  sooner or later; but you asked n-o-w.

Still a bit the same problem...  content (squeak universe is huge) has
to be better organized. This could be done with the existing site but
using aida or seaside (CMSbox) will make the transition easier are I'm
guessisng not a lot of people make smallwiki evolve now.
So time to change and bringing new tools will bring new ideas I think.

To me the question is you'd like a revolutionary web site (à la
CMSBox) or a classic XHTML with a good design is enough ?

>o a package which is maintained by dedicated people
>o protection of investment/content with updates, upgrades
>o support for WAI, WCAG, more W3 standards+initiatives
>o "something" running on Squeak
>o in-line editing
>o drag&drop
>o copy,cut,paste
>o undo,redo
>o SEO

Janko, could you provide that ? maybe more ?



ps: To me Janko has shown he can keep up things he has in charge even
if he has not a lot of people behind (just an impression).

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