[squeak-dev] I'm stepping down as WebTeam Leader Mars 31

karl karl.ramberg at comhem.se
Sun Mar 16 21:23:41 UTC 2008

Norbert Hartl wrote:
> On Thu, 2008-03-13 at 22:25 +0100, karl wrote:
>> I've been Webteam leader on the Squeak website for quite a few years, 
>> and have now totally lost time to keep that work, so  Mars 31 I will 
>> step down. It's been a fun and interesting experience to maintain the 
>> website, ftp and mailing list.
>> I recommend that people interested in Squeaks web appearence join the 
>> webteam and maybe lead the site into new and exiting areas.
> Could you please summarize what were your main duties being the
> leader of the web team? What was the work you had most to do?
> Is it html changes, image maintenance,...? 
Biggest day to day job is mailing list moderation.
Updating text and pictures on the site, ( wiki style).
Other stuff is linking to the right images, sources changes on the FTP.
Building and uploading bundles to the FTP.
Occasional VNC session on the image to implement a change to Smallwiki.
Fiddling with CSS and Smallwiki templates.

> Now I now you did it a long time and must have collected a lot
> of experience doing it. I read the whole thread about what
> technology changes we are planning with squeak.org (And how much
> more complex a new web site will be). But my assumption would be that
> the main part of being webteam leader is much more boring: maintenance? 
Yes, it's not a big job, if you can delegate tasks and projects. It's a 
big job to migrate the site to another platform and get everything 
going, but otherwise it mostly smooth sailing.
> Even if I miss the point completely I'm still interested in the
> border which divides the duty of a box admin and web team leader. 
Ken have done  the work of keeping it running. I've just done the files 
on FTP and the website.
> How did you work with the online images? How did you upgrade? How often
> you needed to step in quickly because there was a problem with the
> site? How did you debug problems (if there were any)?
I just TightVNC to access the images which run a VNC server. We don't 
upgrade. Most stuff done quickly is done by Ken. Debuggin is either 
through VNC or by downloading the images and running them locally.
> thanks in advance,
> Norbert
> P.S.: I hope "...exiting areas..."  was just a typo ;)

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