[squeak-dev] Running a custom image in a Web browser

Masato Sumi sumi at seagreen.ocn.ne.jp
Wed Mar 19 02:53:26 UTC 2008

Hello, Dr. Lunzer,

I happened to see your post to the squeak-dev ML, below.
So, I tried to install Vista and Squeakland plugin into my machine for checking.
Although the test page shows "broken picture" icon, as you say,
sample projects in the page http://squeakland.org/kids/sqfest_2004.htm or
http://squeakland.jp/kids/kidshome.html seems to work fine.
Have you also tried them?

BTW, I'm in Hokkaido Univesity, too.
If you want, I can visit your labo and check your machine configuration.
Please feel free contact with me.

Masato Sumi
Assistant of Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Hokkaido University

2008/3/18, Aran Lunzer <aran at meme.hokudai.ac.jp>:
> Hi
>  I'm having trouble figuring out how to let people run my Squeak-based
>  application within a Web browser.  I thought this would be a pretty common
>  thing to want to do, but a couple of hours of Googling hasn't provided the
>  answers.
>  To start with I tried installing the Squeakland plugin, with the intention
>  of simply subverting whatever happens there.  The installation seemed to
>  go fine, but neither IE(7) nor Mozilla can show the embedded image for the
>  http://www.squeakland.org/plugin/launch.html test page.  IE shows a
>  "broken picture" icon; Mozilla shows empty space.  Neither gives any kind
>  of error message.
>  Being on Vista, I thought perhaps file-access security was getting in the
>  way... possibly related to the c:\ProgramData folder.  But even giving
>  full access rights to all users there didn't seem to help.  I also tried
>  relaxing various Internet-domain security settings, to no avail.  Not sure
>  what to try next.
>  So I have two questions:
>  1) what's the most straightforward way of persuading a Web browser (I
>  don't mind which flavour) to load my own Squeak (3.7, as it happens)
>  image?
>  2) for a start, is there some known issue in getting the Squeakland plugin
>  to work on Vista?
>  Many thanks
>  Aran
> --
>  Aran Lunzer
>  Hokkaido University

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