[squeak-dev] [ANN] Kernel methods license audit

Pavel Krivanek squeak1 at continentalbrno.cz
Thu Mar 20 16:05:37 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I've prepared current license audit of kernel methods, see:

- overview of SqueakL methods in the kernel.image (OpenOffice format)
- overview of SqueakL methods in the kernel.image (PDF format)

For more information see Wiki page on the KernelImage SqueakSource repository:

We need to rewrite 332 methods.
There are some methods that have similar source to Squeak 1.1 version.
The first task is to convert them. For this task wee need two people
(or two teams):

- one will look at old and current implementation and will describe
how must be the original source changed to do the same job as the
current version. This description should be as general as possible -
no code. For example "use ZeroDivide instead of general error",
"LdInstLong was renamed to LoadLong" etc. Some descriptions are
present in the old version of license audit

- the second person/team must not see the current code! It will take
the code from Squeak 1.1, will create new method and modify it as
described by the first person. We already tested this process with

So, volunteers?

-- Pavel

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