[squeak-dev] [ANN] 3.10 final is out

Michael Davies mykdavies+squeak at gmail.com
Thu Mar 20 16:55:59 UTC 2008

Great work Edgar.

I'm putting together a news article on this, but it's proving
difficult for me to pin down the details of what's happened in this
release. Could anyone help me by correcting or confirming the bracket
areas of text below:

Thanks, Michael

Squeak version 3.10 has just been released onto the servers at
http://ftp.squeak.org/3.10/ - the squeak.org downloads page will soon
be updated to point to this new version.

The goal of the 3.10 release was to improve the process of making
Squeak releases and to improve the quality of the code. The release
team concentrated on improving the coverage of unit tests, in making
Squeak more modular, and in getting rid of non-core and unsupported
code. In addition, many bugs were fixed. [According to mantis, 28 bugs
were fixed by 3.10 - is this right?]

Highlights were:
- Removal of non-core packages including eToys and Nebraska.
- Consistent use of Monticello to manage package dependencies.
- Package Universes for improved compatibility between packages.
- Bug policy requiring all fixes to include unit tests.
- All code under old licences has been identified, and
[all/much/some???] of it replaced.
[- Integration of the new OmniBrowser framework???]
[- Improved stability???]
[- Improved performance???]
[- Smaller memory usage???]
[- .....?????]

Thanks to the 3.10 release team including Ralph Johnson, Edgar De
Cleene, Matthew Fulmer, Craig Latta, [XXXX others?]. Their work has
given us an excellent release, and one which will be a great starting
point for eventual progress to 4.0!

For more information about this release, see:
[ Are there release notes? The best I can find is
http://wiki.squeak.org/squeak/5919 which is not great ]

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