[squeak-dev] [ANN] 3.10 final is out

Vladimir Pogorelenko vladimir at livesystems.ru
Thu Mar 20 17:34:40 UTC 2008

Thanks José, I am been able to enter native text on Mac and I really  
appreciate it. So now I see that it at least usable on Mac. And that  
really makes changes...

Now I'm expiriencing minor (?) bug with it. It complies when entering  
text.randomly somewhere in GrafPort#copyBitsColor... and  
FreeTypeFont#displayLineGlyphOn: with "primitive has failed". May be  
problem with FreeType. Did you meet a similar problem?

So if it works I don't know why it's not yet the part of squeak. Is it  
a quick fix?

> Official and complete support for input and output in multiple
> languages (Unicode) in all major environments like Mac OS X, Windows,
> Linux.
> The attached cs does it, at least for spanish.
> Regards.
> <UnicodeInputSupport-jlrr.1.cs>

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