[squeak-dev] Re: Accented character input

José Luis Redrejo jredrejo at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 10:50:35 UTC 2008

2008/3/21, Yoshiki Ohshima <yoshiki at vpri.org>:
>   José,
> > mmm, if you mean in the X libraries called by the vm, I think that's the
> case. In fact that works that way whenever you
> > use x2sqKeyInput instead of  x2sqKeyPlain at vm-display-X11/sqUnixX11.c.
> I.e.: if , calling the vm, you use -nointl or
> > your locale is not UTF-8, you'll use   x2sqKey= x2sqKeyPlain instead of
> x2sqKey= x2sqKeyInput, then you'll get the
> > accent and the vowel separated. Using x2sqKeyInput you will only get one
> keycode. That's worked always that way, the
> > problem was that the keycode was wrongly interpreted by the image
> because it was using the MacRomanInputInterpreter
> > instead of the UTF32InputInterpreter class.
>   Wow, Did I wasted several hours to solve a wrong problem?  I am
> *still* in mystery though that Etoys on Spanish OLPC has been in UTF-8
> and without -nointl and its had not been working.  More to come...
Well, I have a borrowed OLPC on my desktop. I have done these tests:
- With en_US locale no way to type spanish accents or chars
- Changing .i18n to es_US.UTF-8, squeak starts in spanish but still english
keyboard, I can not type any accent yet.
- Changing /etc/sysconfig/keyboard to use spanish keyboard: I can type ñ,
but typing accents gives an square and later the vowel, instead of the vowel
with the accent.
- About this system gives this information: etoys2.2, latest update #1796

But, in my laptop, with the spanish locales and the change in
Latin1Environment>>inputInterpreterClass it works perfectly with etoys2.2,
update #1916. So, I've copied this image to the olpc and it doesn't work
again: I still can type ñ, but accents gives two characters.

So, it seems the olpc-vm has something different from the mainstream vm that
makes it fail in this case, but I'm afraid that applying the changes you
said at the beginning of this thread you loose the ñ,€,ß, etc. characters,
so I think it's better to investigate what are the differences between both
vm to make it fail in the olpc-vm.
If you need more details about the vm I'm using, is exactly this one:
on a 64 bits machine.
I.e: it's a mainstream svn vm, with some patches to fix 64 bits issues and
similar things, but nothing related to the input handling.

Hope this helps.
José L.
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