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>>> Hey there,
>>> I'm a croquet developer working on a different project involving a
>>> USB device.  I notice there's a SerialPort class for communicating
>>> with serial devices, but I haven't had any experience coding against
>>> device interfaces before.  Could I snag some the interface specs from
>>> Intel's developer website and code up one similar to the Serial
>>> class?  Any guidance would be much appreciated.
>>> Thanks for your time,
>>> Derek

Ken  G. Brown said >
> > I have been unable to find any fully functional USB serial interface code for Squeak.
> >  

Karl said:
>The Scratch board uses the USB port:

Yes, somehow missed mentioning that one.
The Scratch serial interface works through the USB port via USB to Serail converter to go to the old standard 9 pin Serial if that what you want.

The driver download for Mac OS X <http://www.prolific.com.tw/support/files/%5CIO%20Cable%5CPL-2303%5CDrivers%20-%20Generic%5CMacOS%5CMacOS%2010.x%5Cmd_pl2303H_HX_X_dmg_v1.2.1r2.zip> says it requires "Device using PL-2303H/X".
PL-2303HX (Chip Rev D) USB to Serial Bridge Controller

But if you need to hook up to a USB device that does not show up as a serial device in /dev, or does not use the PL-2303 to convert from USB to 9 pin serial, it seems to me you are in some difficulty. Maybe also a good starting point tho.

Scratch Board

Scratch Plugin

Ken G. Brown

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