[squeak-dev] Is Morphic 'frozen'?

Giuseppe Luigi Punzi Ruiz glpunzi at lordzealon.com
Sun Mar 23 10:11:15 UTC 2008

I think you forgot...
  - Morphic 3 by Juan Vuletich.
  - EasyMorphicGui
  - Tweak.


El 23/03/2008, a las 3:54, Matthew Fulmer escribió:

> On Sat, Mar 22, 2008 at 06:06:54AM +0200, Igor Stasenko wrote:
>> Hello all,
>> forgive me for my ignorance, i'm just want to know the current state
>> of Morphic package and it's destiny.
> Morphic has been without a maintainer or a leader for a while.
> Currently, there are three people/projects trying to improve
> that situation:
> - Gary Chambers has been making add-on improvements to Morphic
>  as part of his day-job at Pinesoft, and a lot of people like
>  them
> - Bert and Yoshiki are maintaining Morphic so that eToys
>  continues to be a useful system for kids. They did some core
>  changes to Morphic to support nice zooming and more mouse
>  cursors as part of OLPC EToys
> - Edgar has done a project "Lladrillos" to modularize Morphic
>  the same way 3.9 modularized squeak
>> - is Morphic is 'frozen' by now?
> Yes. It has not had major improvements in a long time.
>> - is there are people who spending time improving/reviewing it?
> See above
>> My concern is not about fixing bugs or supporting it in general but
>> about moving forward.
>> Lately, Gary Chambers added new feature to his UI Enhancements  
>> package
>> to support a different kinds of fill styles (through subclassing a
>> FillStyle).
>> And after overlooking the changes/extensions it gives me a feeling
>> that there is an big need in refactoring in Morphic to support this
>> nice feature, instead of dealing with workarounds.
>> Who in charge there? Who is deciding what is good and what is bad?
>> And how such things (like better and more flexible FillStyles) or any
>> other improvements can find a way to make them appear in Morphic?
>> Being more than a year with squeak community i didn't saw any
>> noticeable movement around improvement Morphic/UI except Gary's work.
> Indeed. Gary is doing more for Morphic than has been done in a
> good while. I am sure he would make a great Morphic team leader
> should he choose to. He listens to requests and knows how to
> respond to them
> I think the steps toward being a successful leader in a project
> like squeak are something like this:
> 1. Make friends with the community at large
> 2. Find a group of people who care more than average about an
>   issue that you care about
> 3. Discuss ideas deeply with your group, and listen to the
>   community as well
> 4. Learn the skills of your group, and discuss what each of you
>   could do personally to fix your issue.
> 5. Write a plan
> 6. Share the plan with your friends
> 7. Start acting out the plan
> Gathering a group of friends, making plans, and acting on them
> take effort. But I think it is how one leads. The single most
> important thing, however, is communicating. If you are willing
> to make a big effort at communicating, you are probably a good
> leader, even if you aren't yet a good communicator.
> Communication takes practice; don't despair if you aren't great
> yet.
> -- 
> Matthew Fulmer -- http://mtfulmer.wordpress.com/

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