[squeak-dev] new display driver for Syllable

Kelly Wilson wilsonkk at shaw.ca
Sun Mar 23 16:13:12 UTC 2008

Hello everyone,


I recently ported squeak to Syllable OS and it runs with vm-display-null and
vm-sound-null just fine. Now I would like to develop the video driver for
Syllable.unfortunately Syllable's windowing system is written in C++ and
interfacing to it could be difficult (they may have a C interface set
up.I'll check). As a backup I was wondering if I can just use SDL by
modifying the vm-display-custom?


I tried to modify the vm-display-custom code and it compiles fine with some
SDL functionality but I have one weird problem. If I add any external call
into the sqUnixCustomWindow.c file then compile/link/install it, the squeak
module loader can't find vm-display-custom anymore. I can modify the file by
adding some structures and functions local to the file but, like I said, if
I call outside this file (and then include -lSDL or whatever when linking)
then the loader just can't even see vm-display-custom.


I can see display_custom and display_custom_itf with the 'nm' command and
the format of the shared lib looks fine??? Does the loader look for
something really specific about the libs size or something strange like
that? I assume it dlopens() it.





P.S. I am sure that I have all the libs and things in the correct places
because I can just recompile by commenting out my single external function
call, recompile, reinstall and things work fine.


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