[squeak-dev] [ANN] OmniBrowser Enhancements released

David Röthlisberger squeak at c3com.ch
Sun Mar 23 19:48:37 UTC 2008


I want you to know that I released some enhancements to OmniBrowser, 
such as:

- smart groups
- back and forward buttons
- package instead of class categories in first column
- Monticello features integrated directly in OmniBrowser: update, 
publish, changes of packages, etc.
- de-selection of elements in columns
- support for double-click on classes in hierarchy and class browser to 
trigger some functionality
- basic support for multiple selection of methods
- and many more...

For a more comprehensive list of features or a short user manual, please 
  visit the website of this project:

To install these OmniBrowser enhancements you can load the package 
'OB-Enhancements' either form package universe (Code Browsing, 
OB-Enhancements 0.138) or from this Monticello repository: 
(Please make sure to use latest versions of OmniBrowser, OB-Standard, etc.)
In Damien's dev-images you find OB-Enhancements already pre-installed, I 
suggest to update to the latest version 0.138 using universe.

If you have any comments, suggestions or problems, just drop me an email.


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