[squeak-dev] Re: Swazoo - LGPL or MIT?

Janko Mivšek janko.mivsek at eranova.si
Mon Mar 24 17:41:20 UTC 2008


First, this discussion is moved to Swazoo mailing list now, second, 
until others (specially original authors) don't say their opinion, 
Swazoo license should stay undecided and third, from 2006 discussion I 
would say that it is you who started a confusion deciding that Swazoo is 
LGPL. All my fault is that I didn't react then. But of course this don't 
mean that Swazoo is LGPL now. It can be v2.x because of your code, but 
we original authors will decide for 3.0, which license will be, not you.

Best regards

Bruce Badger wrote:
> On 24/03/2008, Janko Mivšek <janko.mivsek at eranova.si> wrote:
>> Jason Johnson wrote:
>>  > Janko.  A while back he was laughing at us for worrying about this
>>  > "silly license nonsense".
>> I'm personally still thinking the same, after all that thread even more!
>>  First, this is not my problem in my part of the world, where I am as an
>>  author protected by default.
> Janko,
> Did you make the change to SourceForge to change the listed license
> from LGPLto MIT?
> Did you lead people in the Squeak community to think that Swazoo was
> under the MIT license?
> Are you now willing to help clear up the confusion caused by incorrect
> documentation suggesting that Swaoo is under MIT rather than LGPL?
> Thanks
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Janko Mivšek
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