[squeak-dev] Re: Swazoo - LGPL or MIT?

Stephen Pair stephen at pairhome.net
Mon Mar 24 19:51:30 UTC 2008

On Sun, Mar 23, 2008 at 8:17 PM, Taun Chapman <taun at charcoalia.net> wrote:

> As an ignorant lurker, this has been a quite amazing 49 posts thread.
> Almost nothing relevant to the original issue.
> 1) Squeak/Seaside community wants all included code to be under the MIT
> license.
> 2) Janko, the maintainer of Swazoo would like to officially make the
> Swazoo license MIT for the above reason.
> So despite 49 posts, what is unresolved is whether Janko can make the
> Swazoo license officially MIT and what hoops he would need to jump through
> to do so? What is the procedure for confirming and or possibly changing a
> license? How many Swazoo contributors are there out there? Do they all need
> to be contacted? Did they all think it was GPL? Does there need to be a new
> release with a new license?
> In addition there is the question of why Bruce Badger is so against Swazoo
> having the MIT license? If Squeak is MIT and Bruce is using Squeak, why is
> he against Swazoo being the same license?
> Everyone except Bruce is saying "use only MIT" or "make the license clear
> and consistent" but no one is suggesting how to do so other than Bruce who
> is saying "Swazoo is GPL, end of story." None of this seems very
> constructive.
> Taun

+1 (or if I lived in Chicago, +1 +1 +1 +1)
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