[squeak-dev] Swazoo - LGPL or MIT?

Reinout Heeck reinz at desk.org
Tue Mar 25 10:20:17 UTC 2008

cdrick wrote:
> Just to cool down things... (I hope)

I'm cool :-)

>>  I understand you have also excluded Bruce from discussions about
>>  relicensing his code - how sick can you get?
> He didn't do that (otherwise this means he had excluded/unregister him
> from the swazoo list).

 From Bruce's post I gather that is what has happened, so that may need 
another look (hopefully it turns out to just be a technical issue).

>>  I suggest you put the original licenses back up immediately, and decide
>>  to stay within the law from here on if you truly want to help the
>>  Smalltalk community.
> This is done already (http://sourceforge.net/projects/swazoo/) as he
> told me yesterday on irc. Sure he should have said that on the list.
> It seems this was the main point of Bruce thread so now...I hope it's
> not too late and things will cool down...

I was appalled at the direction this thread took, it seemed centered 
around self-interest (paraphrasing: "we *have* to get MIT on Swazoo") 
rather than the obvious conclusion that Swazoo had entered illegal 

Thanks for the notice,


> Cédrick
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