[squeak-dev] Universes server may be down? (was Squeak-Map may be down?)

goran at krampe.se goran at krampe.se
Tue Mar 25 12:43:02 UTC 2008


Ken Causey <ken at kencausey.com> wrote:
> On Sun, 2008-03-23 at 16:36 -0400, Kum Sackey wrote:
> > I posted this message on the Seaside mailing list, and was told that
> > Squeak map might be down.
> > I'm trying to install the Seaside Magma Helper through the Universe
> > package browser, however always fails with:
> I'm afraid you are confused, SqueakMap and Universes are two completely
> seperate package catalogs.  I can't think of any way loading a package
> using the Universes Browser would make any use of the SqueakMap server.
> Perhaps with my subject change you will get a response from someone more
> familiar with Universes.

Well, it is not that easy. I am guessing that "Seaside Magma Helper" has
a script that in turn directly/indirectly tries to get and execute the
script at:


...and since it somehow gets the HTML error message back it fails
miserably trying to compile that as Smalltalk code. :)

But the URL works fine for me, so SM is not down.

regards, Göran

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