[squeak-dev] About the future? [was: Swazoo - LGPL or MIT?]

Bruce Badger bwbadger at gmail.com
Wed Mar 26 22:21:44 UTC 2008

On 26/03/2008, Klaus D. Witzel <klaus.witzel at cobss.com> wrote:
>  > Bruce Badger wrote:
>  >> This only leaves one thing:
>  The future? Is the one and only thing left the future? Shall I ask for a
>  yes or no response?

Easy.  Yes :-)

>  >>  Janko, could you please confirm that you now accept that Swazoo is
>  >> under the LGPL and has been since the inception of the project?
>  >
>  > Let it go. You got what you wanted (the license changed in all the
>  > places you desired). Let this be enough. There is no need for a public
>  > humiliation here.
>  + 1 big

Indeed.  The thing is, though, that we reached this point in 2006 on
cls.  The error I made then was to not get a clear statement from
Janko.  This has come back to bite us since when challenged I have
insufficient "evidence" to satisfy some on this list.

I merely seek a clear statement of what is inferred.  I do not seek
any apology, even though my last weekend would have been better spent

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