[squeak-dev] Re: Resuming a terminated process

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at gmx.de
Sat Mar 29 18:39:09 UTC 2008

Lukas Renggli wrote:
>>  Did you see the problems reported after integrated the last semaphores
>>  fixed in 3.9.1?
> Just as a side-note, but the inst-var errorHandler and its accessors
> #errorHandler and #errorHandler: does not seem to be used at all. Is
> there anything non-obvious here?

A left-over from the early days when there wasn't proper exception 
handling. In Squeak 2.x you'll find BlockContext>>ifError: doing, e.g.,

BlockContext>>ifError: errorHandlerBlock
	| lastHandler val activeProcess |
	activeProcess _ Processor activeProcess.
	lastHandler _ activeProcess errorHandler.
	activeProcess errorHandler: [:aString :aReceiver |
		activeProcess errorHandler: lastHandler.
		^ errorHandlerBlock value: aString value: aReceiver].
	val _ self value.
	activeProcess errorHandler: lastHandler.
	^ val

   - Andreas

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