[squeak-dev] Gumstix and Squeak

Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at gmail.com
Tue Nov 4 21:09:47 UTC 2008

I think Dave Hylands has placed Squeak 3.6 on a gumstix (BTW, Dave,
which motherboad?)  Has anyone else experimented with squeak on the
gumstix lately, maybe with the latest 3.10 and the latest VM?  Dave:
your notes online mentions using buildroot and not OE. Anyone run
squeak on OE (gumstix or other platform)?

If you've done work on the gumstix and squeak, or OE and squeak, what
has been your experience? I have a 600MHz verdex board that I"m
looking into porting squeak to, but I'd like to not reinvent the
wheel, and would love to hear your trials, errors and successes.



Brad Fuller

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