[squeak-dev] Rio File/Directory

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Nov 23 02:27:42 UTC 2008

Just to let you guys know,

A while back I did the work of moving Rio over to use classes File and
Directory, and String>>asFile and String>>AsDirectory.

I am tempted to leave it that way for now (i dont have time to do
otherwise for a bit) since I do want to propose it as a standard thing
that could be in Squeak/Pharo/Whatever.

Code size stats:

     self compiledSize: 'File-Kernel'.  6906 (for Kernel Images)
     self compiledSize: 'File-Base'.  8215 (includes some ftp remote
directory support)

     self compiledSize: 'Files-Directories'. 11471
     self compiledSize: 'FileMan-Core'.    7098
     self compiledSize: 'Network-RemoteDirectory'. 21481



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