[squeak-dev] Bug in 3.10.2 - browser / moving classes

Mr. Timothy C. Johnson tjohnson at iwu.edu
Sun Nov 23 21:46:26 UTC 2008


I had two browser windows open (standard 3.10.2 default browsers).  
They were both open to the same class category.  In one browser, I 
moved a number of methods out of that category into another one (via 
drag-and-drop).  After moving about 5 or 6 methods, I got an error:  
subscript out of bounds, in World.  I selected "proceed" and I looked 
over at the other browser (the one in which I hadn't made any changes), 
and its classes list pane had become an invalid rectangle (a red 
rectangle with a yellow X inside).  Browsing to other categories in the 
troubled browser does not restore the class category pane to operation. 
 A new browser is fine.

Using 3.10.2 on latest Mac PPC VM.

- TimJ

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