[squeak-dev] Re: Bug with valueWithReceiver:arguments:

Antoine Marot amarot at ulb.ac.be
Sun Nov 23 22:18:15 UTC 2008

Le 23-nov.-08 à 19:39, Klaus D. Witzel a écrit :

> Further to the below I checked http://bugs.squeak.org and there was  
> not report? I think you (or Frederic) have to report the bug before  
> it officially is one ...

Ok, I'll do that :)

> Okay, understood (I think so ;) Perhaps there is a workaround  
> (namely: the Smalltalk simulator) for Squeak, which you can give a  
> try:
> The debugger apparently knows how to perform a primitive by number,  
> look at #tryPrimitive:withArgs: its implementor and sender.
> If you do that and it returns (ContextPart primitiveFailToken) then  
> do the "primitiveFailed" part, using #withArgs:executeMethod: as  
> above *but* on a *clone* of the originalMethod into which you put  
> primitive number 0 (repeat: the clone!).

Excellent idea ! Thank you very much !


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