[squeak-dev] New version BabyIDE + report

Trygve Reenskaug trygver at ifi.uio.no
Thu Sep 11 11:33:14 UTC 2008

I just posted a new version of the BabyIDE report and Squeak image.
I post an image rather then a Montizello loadable file because it is 
just a demo.
I am working on a small application all done in BabyIDE.
I'll post a Monticello file (BabyIDE.alpha.0)as soon as this work is 



Trygve Reenskaug       mailto: trygver at ifi.uio.no

Morgedalsvn. 5A         http://heim.ifi.uio.no/~trygver

N-0378 Oslo               Tel: (+47) 22 49 57 27


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