[squeak-dev] Re: WideString fromPacked: 'TEXT' asPacked - > DNU and Boum

nicolas cellier ncellier at ifrance.com
Tue Sep 23 18:44:24 UTC 2008

stephane ducasse a écrit :
> in 3.9, 3.10 and Pharo.
> Stef

Stef, are you tracking candidates for #deprecated or just nonsense 
self-test comments?

That said, the problem is not with #fromPacked:/#asPacked per se.

Printing (Character value: 16r12345678) can freeze your image as well.

This is because the so called #leadingChar does not corresponds to a 
known EncodedCharSet. This triggers a low level 
CharacterScanner/DisplayScanner method failure, and that is never a good 
thing to do to your image, because the same error does repeat again and 
again (I did not determine if caused by World cycle or Debugger printing 
some information or ???).

An easy workaround is to allocate Unicode in place of nil in:
EncodedCharSet class>>initialize
	self initialize
	self allSubclassesDo: [:each | each initialize].

	EncodedCharSets _ Array new: 256 withAll: Unicode.

A better feature would be to prevent recursive Debugger invocations...
But that is a little harder I guess.


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